Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to install Cisco packet tracer 5 in Ubuntu linux 9.04

U can install cisco packet tracer in ubuntu 9.04 now. For this all y have to do is to follow the following steps and u r done.

1. Download the packet tracer 5 from cisco site if u r student there [ The generic tar.gz format ] But if u r not a student then download it from here.
click this link to download
And keep the downloaded file in desktop.

2. Open the terminal and write
"sudo tar xzvf PacketTracer5_generic.tar.gz" [without the quotation mark]
Give the sudo password.

3. Now it is uncompressed. Go to your home directory and find the uncompressed folder. Enter into the folder and there u will find a file named "install".
double click on that file and a prompt will come up.
Select "Run in Terminal" option.

4. Now follow the on screen instructions.......

U r half done now.... :)

After this installation u can run this from the terminal.
To run this open the terminal and type "packettracer"
[without the quotation mark]
U can now see the cisco packet tracer running.

if u do not want to do this thing every time, then lets make a launcher ....
to make a launcher,
>> go to desktop.
>>Right click and select "create a launcher"
>> Insert the following values in to its fields.
Type : Application
Name: Packet Tracer 5
Command: packettracer
Comment: CISCO networking

Yes Now u r done......

if u have problem regarding this, plz comment I will try to help ...
or u can mail me "extremeaiub@yahoo.com"