Saturday, July 24, 2010

Solution of problems After installing XAMPP In ubuntu distributions

After installing xampp the ubuntu users might face some problems, I will discuss the problem and the solution in this post.
At first have a look on how to install. [Click Here].

# The first problem may like error 404 not found....

For this u have to assured that u have started the lampp server by issuing this command
"sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start"
If u see that in the terminal it says that apache , mysql and proftpd has been started successfully, Then it is done, If not please let me the error it says in terminal by posting comments here.
After that u should open your browser and in the address bar just type localhost or
and press enter. In this moment u should see the apache or xampp's default page.
If u do not see things like this, just comment me the error it says.
# Next problem is like u are not able to create any directory or paste anything inside the "htdocs" folder.
For this at first u have to own the htdocs directory or folder. U can do this by issuing the following command
"sudo chown -R usergroup:username  /opt/lampp/htdocs" [The path of htdocs folder]
Then u have to give all permissions to this htdocs folder by issuing the command
"sudo chmod 777  /opt/lampp/htdocs" [the path of htdocs folder]

now restart the lampp server and watch if ur problems are solved or not.
"sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart"
this is the command for restarting the lampp server. 
I hope this post will help u . For any problem make a comment here.