Friday, January 29, 2010

Installing TP-link WN620G wireless adapter in ubuntu 9.04

To install this device in ubuntu 9.04 U have to follow the following steps....

First Install the ndiswrapper driver. To know how to install see this.
Now download the windows driver from Here.
Now unzip the folder and from the terminal locate the drivers location.
For example in this package the files are located like this
Now write the following commands in terminal: (except "" marks)

>>" sudo ndiswrapper -i net5523.inf "

Now check if it is installed or not : ( You may now insert the device in usb port)
write this in terminal " sudo ndiswrapper -l "

Now start the device by writing " sudo modprobe ndiswrapper " in terminal.

Now u will see ur device led blinking. Now u can set ur wireless network.
ON my next post I will describe how to setup or connect to a wireless network.

For the details documentation u may follow the link below:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Installing NDiswrapper in ubuntu 9.04

Ndiswrapper is the driver utility for wirless devices like builtin or external wireless adapter. By default in ubuntu 9.04 it is not installed. If ur wireless device do not work properly in ubuntu 9.04 u may need to install this drivers.
Lets see how it can be installed in Ubuntu 9.04.
There are many processes to install it. I will describe some of them.

Process 1:
If you have an available internet connection then just open the terminal and type there
" sudo apt-get install ndisgtk " [except the "" marks"]
and press enter key after that u r prompted to give ur sudo password just give it and hit enter.
The process will start installing the drivers...
You are done.
Process 2:
You can also install this from the GUI mode
Fisrt go to system >>Administartion>>synaptic package manager
Then type ndis in the search box positioned in upper right corner of that window.
just mark the ndisgtk package and click apply button.
You are done.
For further reading u can follow the link below: