Saturday, May 10, 2014

Can not access or browse some websites using Dlink DIR 600L- Here is the solution

Recently I have faced a somewhat illogical problem with my newly purchased Dlink DIR 600L wireless router. It was that I can not access some websites with this router. At first I thought I got some issues with my dns settings then found out it was all ok next i went for host configuration and it was also ok, then the problem was definitely with my router but every configuration in that was very very ok. I wasted much time thinking about that then i thought it was the ISP who is creating the problem and I went to my friends home and set it up still the problem was on. Now it is definitely with the router and yes it was very easy fix.
As PPPoE by default use the MTU of 1492, I just changed it to 1400 and everything got OK .
if you do not know where to change
login to router admin panel by going to url, give user name and password. go to advanced settings.
Now go to SETUP tab and then Internet Connection and under the PPPOE find MTU and change it to 1400