Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Installing Samba in ubuntu 9.10

Step 1:
On the Terminal  the following command was given one after another.
sudo apt-get install samba
sudo apt-get install smbfs
Step 2:
For LAN now we have to set up a manual IPV4 address and other related settings. In our case our IP address is with subnet mask.

For setting up the IP address we have followed the steps like,
From the system menu we have selected preferences then connection and then wired. Then  there we have added the manual entry.
Step 3:
In this step we have configured the samba for our type of usages. We have used it for sharing files in a LAN.
Before editing the configuration file we have backed it up by issuing the following command
sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smbk.conf
Then we have configured  the smb.conf file. After the configuration the content of file looks like the following,
netbios name=test
server string= Samba Server
encrypt passwords=yes
map to guest = Bad user
read only=yes
read only=yes
Here the [Music] and [Home] are the shared folders on this particular pc.
Step 4:
In this step we have restarted our samba server by issuing the following command
sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart
Step 5:
In this Step we we have accessed files from both windows and our linux machine.
For accessing file from windows machine, we just enter the ip address or browse file from the network places.
For accessing files from the linux machine to an windows machine,
At first we need to press ALT+F2 keys, then into the box we need to write smb://IP_address_of_windows_machine, like smb://